Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, September 2016 

Review Article

The Type I and II Secretory Systems in Gram-Negative Bacteria: A Brief Overview

Pages 437-440

Jafar Khezri; Fathollah Ahmadpour; Samira Talebi

The Biological Effects of Teucrium polium on the Severity of Primary Dysmenorrhea

Pages 453-456

Khadige Abadian; Zohre Keshavarz; Faraz Mojab; Neda Bromand

DNA Molecular Markers Depicted Genetic Variability and Heterotic Pattern Among Maize Inbred Lines

Pages 465-472

Fahimeh Mohamadi Suni; Mohammad Farkhari; Henghameh Taheri; Payam Pour Mohammadi; Mohammad Barzegari

Development of PCR-Based Method for Rapid Detection of Abrin Gene

Pages 473-476

Morteza Hamedi Behnaq; Ali Karami; Ali Choopani