Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports (JABR) is a quarterly, international, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal dedicated to the various disciplines of Applied Biotechnology. The journal publishes original/research articles, review articles, mini-reviews, short communication, letters to the editors, commentaries, and editorials.

Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports (JABR) is the new presentation and publication resource for biotechnology researchers. The journal publishes strictly peer-reviewed papers covering novel aspects and methods in all areas of biotechnology. It provides a medium for the rapid publication of full-length articles, short communications, and technical reports on novel and innovative aspects of biotechnology. The Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports also welcomes Review Articles. The journal has 4 issues per year that are published concurrently in English and all officially accepted manuscripts will be immediately published online. The journal also encourages the submission of useful reports of negative results.

Submitted manuscripts should present new results of original research or describe new theoretical or methodological approaches in biotechnology. Original articles of no more than five typed pages, including figures, tables, and references, are published as short communications. This journal accepts articles in all fields of biotechnology, especially DNA/Protein Engineering, all Cell Analysis fields (Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Systems biology, etc.), Bioinformatics (Docking and Modeling), Imaging, Analytical Biotechnology (Sensors/Detectors for Analytes/Macromolecules), Plant/Agricultural, Food, Microbial or Environmental Biotechnology, Health and Therapeutical Biotechnology (Including Antisense/siRNAs and PNAs, Enzymes, Peptides ...), Regenerative Medicine (Stem cells, Tissue engineering, and Biomaterials), Translational Immunology (Antibody engineering, Xenotransplantation, T-cell therapies), Medical Biotechnology, Biosafety or Biosecurity.

Article Processing Charges

The JABR publishes all its manuscripts in full open access, meaning unlimited use and reuse of articles, in addition to giving credit to the authors. 

Authors must pay Article Processing Charges (APC) which cover the costs of peer review administration and management, designing, professional production of articles in PDF and other formats, and dissemination of published papers in various venues, in addition to other publishing functions. 

There are no charges for rejected articles, no submission charges, and no charges based on the length of an article, figures, or supplementary data. Please note that these fees apply only to accepted articles. 

The APC for Iranian authors is 7,000,000 Rials and for authors from other countries (manuscripts submitted from October 1, 2023) is $250.


Frequency: 4 Issues Per Year

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2, June 2023, Pages 943-1033 

Review Article

Dysbiosis and the Chemopreventive Role of Prebiotics in Colorectal Cancer

Pages 943-957


Ismail Muhamad Fareez; Nazmul Haque; Nisreen Mohammed Al-Namnam; Wu Yuan Seng; Aazmi Shafiq; Mohamad Izwan Ismail; Lim Siong Meng; Ramasamy Kalavathy

The Role of Microbial Metabolites in Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases: Interaction with the Immune System

Pages 958-975


Armin Adelinik; Ali Teimouri; Seyed Milad Hashemi Hefzabad; Amir Homayoun Keihan; Jafar Amani

Original Article

In vivo Acute Toxicity, Analgesic Activity and Phytochemical Characterization of Solenostemma argel (Del) Hayne Essential Oil

Pages 976-983


Daouia Keltoum Benmaarouf; Bernard China; Diana C. G. A. Pinto; Hamza Aliboudhar; Soumiya Boulahlib; Safia Zenia; Hanane Bensedira; kheira Bouzid; Meriem H. Ben-Mahdi

Immunogenicity Evaluation of a Recombinant C-terminus of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A Binding Domain Protein

Pages 1000-1008


Hossein Samiei Abianeh; Shahram Nazarian; Jafar Amani; Amir Rezaei; Mehdi Rostami; Mohammad Reza Ramezani