Comparison of Extraction Different Methods of Sodium Alginate from Brown Alga Sargassum sp. Localized in the Southern of Iran

Document Type : Original Article


Applied Biotechnology Research Center, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


The alginate was extracted with six different methods from Iran south seacoast algae, Sargassum sp, and the percentage yield of alginate was determined. We divided our methods to two groups including acidic extraction and non-acidic. In acidic methods, HCL and H2SO4 were used as a detergent in extraction process and CaCl2 was exerted in non-acidic treatments. All treatments compared with each other and indicated an increasing in alginate yield when different methods used EDTA in extraction process. Finally, the main characteristics of sodium alginate were realized with FT-IR and H-NMR.