The Association of -1031 T/C TNF-α Gene Promoter Polymorphism with the Incident of Gastric Carcinoma Among Iraqi Patients

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq


Introduction: Among all the different types of cancer, Gastric Carcinoma (GC) has become the most frequently diagnosed and has continued to be a major public health issue in the last few decades worldwide. Association between the polymorphisms of the (T/C) -1031 TNF-α promoter gene sequence (rs1799964) and the incidence of gastric carcinoma was tested in Iraqi patients undergoing 5-FU plus Cisplatin, patients without chemotherapy, and healthy controls.
Materials and Methods: Blood samples were collected from patients and control groups to carry out the molecular and immunological diagnostic tests. Two ml of blood were collected in EDTA tubes for (T/C) -1031 TNF-α genotyping by using the RFLP technique. The serum part was used for the purpose of immunological tests via ELISA technique.
Results: Findings revealed that the homozygous wild genotype (T/T) was more abundant than other genotypes (T/C and C/C) in different groups of this study (82, 73, and 72% in control, patients under treatment, and patients without treatment respectively). From the Chi-square (data of the p value), there were no significant differences between genotypes in the different groups. TNF-α concentration increased significantly in heterozygous (T/C) and homozygous (T/T) genotypes in patients without treatment (p = 0.0143) and was highly significant in healthy control samples (p = 0.0003). The results showed there were non-substantial differences (p = 0.1083) in the TNF-α concentrations between different genotypes in patients treated with chemotherapy.
Conclusions: The genotyping study through the RFLP Technique and allele frequency measurement revealed that the homozygous wild genotype (T/T) was more frequent compared with the other genotypes in different groups of this study. However, TNF-α concentration significantly increased in heterozygous (T/C) genotypes. Non-significant differences in TNF-α concentration were detected among different genotypes in gastric carcinoma patients under treatment of chemotherapy.