Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports (JABR) is a quarterly, international, peer-reviewed, and open access journal dedicated to the various disciplines of Applied Biotechnology. The journal publishes original/research articles, review articles, mini-reviews, short communication, letters to the editors, commentaries, and editorials.

Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports (JABR) is the new presentation and publication resource for biotechnology researchers. The journal publishes strictly peer-reviewed papers covering novel aspects and methods in all areas of biotechnology. It provides a medium for the rapid publication of full-length articles, short communications and technical reports on novel and innovative aspects of biotechnology. The Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports also welcomes proposals of Review Articles - please send in a brief outline of the article and the senior author's CV to the editorial office. The journal will have 4 issues per year that published concurrently in English and all officially accepted manuscripts will be immediately published online. The journal also encourages the submission of useful reports of negative results.

Submitted manuscripts should present new results of original research or describe new theoretical or methodological approaches in biotechnology. Original experimental papers of pressing nature requiring rapid publication no longer than five typewritten pages, including figures, tables, and references, are published in the Short Communications section. The Journal will accept papers in all of the biotechnology areas especially DNA/Protein engineering, all of Cell analysis fields (Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Systems biology etc.), Bioinformatics (Docking and Modeling), Imaging, Analytical biotechnology (Sensors/Detectors for Analytes/Macromolecules), Plant/Agricultural, Food, Microbial or Environmental biotechnology, Health and Therapeutical biotechnology (Including Antisense/siRNAs and PNAs, Enzymes, Peptides ...), Regenerative medicine (Stem cells, Tissue engineering, and Biomaterials), Translational immunology (Antibody engineering, Xenotransplantation, T-cell therapies), Medical biotechnology, Biosafety or Biosecurity.

Starting with April 2021, JABR will receive 5,000,000 Rials as an article processing charge for accepted original and short communication articles. Please note that this fee applies only to accepted articles of Iranian authors. All other articles are exempt from this charge.


Frequency: 4 Issues Per Year

Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, Summer 2021, Pages 186-325 

3. Strategies to Designing Chimeric Recombinant Vaccines

Pages 203-220


Seyed Ali Mirhosseini; Elahe Taki; Soroor Erfanimanesh; Morteza Karami-Zarandi; Seyede Somaye Jasemi; Shima Afrasiabi; Seifu Feyisa; Hossein Ali Rahdar; Mohamad Javad Rezaei; Jafar Amani

4. Biowaste to Bioplastics: An Ecofriendly Approach for a Sustainable Future

Pages 221-233


Nancy George; Abhrajit Debroy; Shilpa Bhat; Shikha Bindal; Shivani Singh

Original Article

6. A comprehensive study on SARS-CoV-2 Through Gene Expression Meta-Analysis and Network Biology Approach

Pages 242-253


Utkarsh Raj; Sneha Rai; Sandeep Kumar Mathur; Aditya Saxena; Aman Chandra Kaushik

10. Regeneration of Sciatic Nerve Injury by Polyglycolic Acid/Collagen/Bioglass Conduit

Pages 283-292


Navid Dehnavi; Kazem Parivar; Vahabodin Goodarzi; Ali Salimi; Kourosh Mansoori; Mohammad Reza Nourani

11. Biodegradation of Tetrachloroethene in Batch Experiment and PHREEQC Model; Kinetic Study

Pages 293-302


Sanaz Sabeti Mohammadi; Amir Hossein Hamidian; Alireza Asgari; Nader Yousefi

13. In vitro Regeneration and Genetically Transformed Culture of Artemisia diffusa

Pages 312-319


Mina Beigmohammadi; Maryam Seyyedi; Sara Rostampour; Elmira Mohammadi; Ali Sharafi

14. Evaluating the Biosorption Properties of Three Bacillus Strains for Cu2+ Uptake From Wastewater

Pages 320-325


Zeinab Farmanbordar; Fereydoun Ghazban; Hamideh Mahmoodzadeh Hosseini; Mohammad Ali Amani; Abbas Ali Imani Fooladi